Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hammer toe is a deformity which affects the second, third, fourth & fifth digit resembling a hammer. It affects both the proximal & distal interphalangeal joint.

It occurs most commonly due to ill fitting or improper size of shoes. While buying shoes people consider only the length variable & do not pay attention to the width of the shoe. Hence they end up buying shoes which are narrow or too long. In addition while buying shoes we usually consider the length of the great toe as it is the longest but in some cases the other toes are longer than the great toe. Hence the longer toe is always cramped inside the shoe. This is another other important factor that leads to hammer toe deformity. 

The digit that undergoes this deformity is also susceptible to problems such as pain & inflammation, corns & calluses & infection.
Therefore it is extremely important to take the advice of your podiatrist while buying shoes.

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