Saturday, 24 March 2018


Metatarsalgia is condition which results in pain & inflammation under forefoot. Following case study of Metatarsalgia show how altered Biomechanics can create various injuries.

30 years old female patient came with complaints of pain under left forefoot since four weeks. She
has started learning SALSA recently, pain aggravates after dancing.
She used wear high heel footwear for office.

Bio-Mechanical Assessment-
  • Medial Arch- Flat both sides
  • Subtalar Joint- Over pronated
  • Transverse Arch- Reduced
  • Calcaneus- Eversion
  • Knee- Valgus
  • Left Knee higher than right
  • Spine- Sway back posture, mild scoliosis at lumbar level with convexity right side.
  • 1st Ray- Hyper mobile
  • Foot Size- US 10 Medium
Strive Ibiza
  • Heel Strike- Medial
  • Mid Stance- Over-pronation at subtalar Joint
Orthotic Correction-
  • Prescribed Strive orthotic footwear with metatarsal pad.
  • Advised to avoid high heel foot wear.
Physical Therapy intervention-
  • Exercise prescribed for scoliosis
Follow up (after 3 weeks)
Pain is disappeared. comfortable with correction. 
Considering her demand of wearing high heels advised to wear platform heels instead of pencil heels but occasionally.
Given Bio Fashion insole in high heel footwear's. Advised to walk minimal in high heels.

Feedback of the Patient-

Saturday, 27 January 2018



25 Years old young man working in restaurant as a manager came with complaints of three painful recurrent corns since 3 years. He needs to stand a lot as he was floor manager in five star hotel. He needs to stand at least 6-8 hours every day.

  • Excessive forefoot pressure.
  • Medial Arch- Pronounced Bilaterally
  • Transverse arch- Reduced Bilaterally
  • Subtalar Joint- Supinates statically & dynamically
  • Corns- Three corns at 1st, 3rd & 5th Metatarsal heads
  • Right- 8 Wide to Extra-wide
  • Left- 7 Extrawide
DIAGNOSIS- Corns with Pes Cavus foot type


Following are the reasons for corns in this case,
  • Week Transverse arch had increased fore foot pressure.
  • Both the foot sizes are different (Left foot is smaller than right)
He was wearing US 9 size shoes which was medium width. Left foot was sliding more inside the shoes resulted in more friction & corns.

  • Treatment started with targeting to offload the corn area.
  • Prescribed ready to wear orthotic footwear with metatarsal; raise for home wear.
  • Given Medium Density prefabricated custom orthotics (Bio-Advance insole) to use in his formal shoes.
Follow Up: After 15 Days
Corns are not hurting anymore when he wears corrections. Also recommended wide width formal shoes.
After three months corns healed completely.
After five months: even marks of the corn disappear.
"I came to V-Care Clinic about year back. In lot of pain & frustration ailing with three corns in my left sole. I had consulted with three doctors, endless trial & errors done. One of doctor even advised for surgery. One day magically I came across V-Care clinic on Google. After few hours of research on Podiatry. I decided very apprehensively to visit.
The first visit was what changed everything!!
The analysis & prescription of my problem by Dr. Sarika & Dr. Vilas was amazing. I am sure Sherlock Homes would be surprised. The warmth & the dedication is second to none. The meticulous explanation of the problem & its cure is commendable. I wish the V-Care team all the best & hope their quest of relieving people from pain goes on forever.
I cannot express my gratitude in words to Dr. Sarika & Dr. Vilas" 
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