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Painful Corn
Calluses are an area of hard skin that becomes tough due to exposure to excessive friction, pressure, or irritation. Callus can occur anywhere in the body which exposed to undue friction. The most common area is the sole of the feet, great toe & fifth toe. There are certain areas over our sole which bear more weight compared to the others. This is the area that undergoes more friction with the walking surface or the footwear & over time develops into a callus. These areas of more pressure are dependent on our arch & walking pattern & differ for every individual.

Corn & Calluses
When a callus has been long-standing, it converts into a Corn. A Corn is deeply rooted & can be considered similar to a funnel i.e. it has a narrow & deep-seated root & a broad base. Most often corns are painful & render walking & standing quite difficult even for the daily tasks.
The development of corns and calluses is independent of any other systemic disease such as diabetes and can affect almost anyone. Although if a diabetic patient incurs corn or a callus then it should be dealt with more precaution to avoid complications such as infection or wound.


As elaborated above, calluses are the result of undue pressure. Therefore unless this pressure is reduced, the callus or corn will keep or re-occurring. Stooping friction & offload the corn by using orthotic corrections as per the Podiatrist's advice is the only safer treatment.
It is strictly un-advisable to use corn caps as it contains Salicylic Acid which is harmful to the normal & healthy skin surrounding corn thereby increasing the diameter of the corn.
Corn Cap results
It is also wise to avoid performing any bathroom surgery for corn removal as the chance of infection is quite high.
Don't use corn cap & stop doing bathroom surgery

Success Story Of recurrent Corns-1

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