Saturday, 24 March 2018


Metatarsalgia is condition which results in pain & inflammation under forefoot. Following case study of Metatarsalgia show how altered Biomechanics can create various injuries.

30 years old female patient came with complaints of pain under left forefoot since four weeks. She
has started learning SALSA recently, pain aggravates after dancing.
She used wear high heel footwear for office.

Bio-Mechanical Assessment-
  • Medial Arch- Flat both sides
  • Subtalar Joint- Over pronated
  • Transverse Arch- Reduced
  • Calcaneus- Eversion
  • Knee- Valgus
  • Left Knee higher than right
  • Spine- Sway back posture, mild scoliosis at lumbar level with convexity right side.
  • 1st Ray- Hyper mobile
  • Foot Size- US 10 Medium
Strive Ibiza
  • Heel Strike- Medial
  • Mid Stance- Over-pronation at subtalar Joint
Orthotic Correction-
  • Prescribed Strive orthotic footwear with metatarsal pad.
  • Advised to avoid high heel foot wear.
Physical Therapy intervention-
  • Exercise prescribed for scoliosis
Follow up (after 3 weeks)
Pain is disappeared. comfortable with correction. 
Considering her demand of wearing high heels advised to wear platform heels instead of pencil heels but occasionally.
Given Bio Fashion insole in high heel footwear's. Advised to walk minimal in high heels.

Feedback of the Patient-