Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Success Story Of Occupational Therapy Unit

Aaron's Success Story

It was end of the hectic day. I received a video from one my patient's mother. Her son Aaron was riding cycle. 
She wrote
               “We were shocked when he said leave me mom I will ride alone. We two are very thrilled to see him ride.”

It was a great achievement. Aaron came to our clinic about a year back.

Primary Occupational Therapy Assessment revealed that he had difficulty in tactile & proprioceptive perception processing. He had low muscle tone leading to poor postural control. 
He had difficulty in spatio-temporal adaptation. Inability to maintain prone extension & supine flexion. His hand writing was poor with immature  pinch & spacing in-between the words was not maintained. The main barrier was his behavioral issue that he was very cranky. 

After undergoing Occupational therapy thrice per week for a year; he is able to overcome all issues & develop the concept of manipulation in hand functions.
Initially he was advised for built up pen for better grip, but now he can write well without gripper also. His attention  span has improved a lot & overcame his behavioral issues.  He has generalized ligament laxity which resulted in flat feet. We also advised him proper shoes & insoles which helped him to improve his balance, running & sports.

The whole one year flashed in few moments. It was all possible through team work & co operative parents. His mom followed all home program very religiously & was very regular with the session.