Friday, 11 September 2015


A Tendon is a connective tissue present at the end of the muscle & connect muscle to the bone. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.
Inflammation of this tendon is termed as Achilles Tendinitis. It is characteristically an overuse injury. It results due to a sudden or gradual increase in repetitive activity which involves function of Achilles. But since the tendon is not exercised to bear the exerted stress, its fiber go into micro trauma. This micro trauma continues to accumulate overtime & results in injury to the tendon as the the body does not get the adequate time & rest required for healing.

Achilles tendinitis is more common in athletes involved in sports which require running & jumping activities. Therefore any such athletes who undergoes less than appropriate conditioning are more prone to such injury.

Apart from them another population in whom such common are the 'weekend athletes' i.e. who play sports occasionally without proper training. Another important variant is the type of shoes used while indulging in high impact sports. Not many people are aware about this predicament & hence damage their body. Therefore it is vital to select shoes which suit your arch type.


  • Pain & swelling over the calf region or above the heel bone.
  • Early morning stiffness on walking after rest.
  • Difficulty on standing & walking for long duration.


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