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Success Story of Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

53 year old female patient came with complaints in right foot.
Pain was worst in morning & aggravates by standing & walking for longer duration.
Professor by profession; standing for longer is the demand of occupation.

She has already consulted with many doctors. Tried medication & therapy but no long term relief. "Medicines will help to reduce the symptoms (pain & discomfort) which will help temporarily in this cases. Long term help will be to find out the root cause & manage it better way."
She was allergic to few anti-inflammatory medicines.

Bio-Mechanical Examination-

Static Examination:

  • Transverse Arch- Reduced Bilaterally
  • Medial Arch- Pronounced Bilaterally
  • Sub-talar Joint- Supinated Bilaterally (More on right side compare to left side)
  • Knee- Genu valgus (Right knee is slightly lower than left knee)
  • Calf & Hamstring muscles was moderately tight bilaterally.

Dynamic Examination:

  • Gait Pattern- Poor heel to toe pattern
  • Heel Strike- Lateral heel strike bilaterally
  • Stance Phase- Supinated at sub-talar joint bilaterally
  • Toe Off- From the 2nd Meatatarso-phalangeal joint bilaterally

Foot Size:

  • Right Foot- US 5 1/2 wide
  • Left Foot- US 6 wide


  • X-rays reveals Calcaneal spur right side.


  • Right Calcaneal Spur
"Root cause of her right heel pain was stiffness of plantar fascia due to her high arch foot type. This resulted in spur formation at its origin.This spur developed because of repetitive pull of the plantar fascia which lies underneath of our foot sole. Appropriate arch support will stop this pulling of ligament will help her eventually."

For more details watch this video (Click the link)- Heel Pain diagnosis & Treatment
Or to read click this link- Heel Pain

Treatment & Advice:

  1. Cold Pack 3-4 times a day 20 minutes each time
  2. Prescribed Strive ready to wear orthotic footwear.
  • Follow up: After 2 week
  1. 80-90% pain relief
  2. Prescribed wide width sport shoe US 6 1/2 wide
  3. Bio-Advance Orthotic medium density insole along with lateral raise
  4. Customized exercise regime was given.


This is her Feedback

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