Wednesday, 15 April 2015


More Attentive for Gadgets

Kids of the modern era face several health issues owing to the growing interest in technology and its smart gadgets. Most of the kids are seen with their heads buried behind computers, smart phones or playing digital games.

This has led to a decline in the overall physical activity of kids. It’s general knowledge that there is direct proportion between reduced physical activity and increase in weight, which has led to increase incidence of childhood obesity. 

In addition, reduced physical activity may lead to decreased muscle tone & strength, ligament laxity, poor reflexes, core muscle weakness, improper posture, poor balance, altered gait mechanics and reduced activity endurance. Apart from these physical changes they develop several behavioral issues such as aggressiveness, hostility, reduced social and self awareness, and increase in frustration.

It is essential to start interventions at an early stage when the child is still developing. Once this development is complete the changes that have already manifested cannot be reverted to normal. Many parents popularly believe that if they indulge their kids in sports, swimming, karate etc it will help in keeping their child active. But the child needs to be physically fit before participating in such challenging activities. The ideal way to tackle this problem is through physical exercise. But it is practically not possible to make kids follow an exercise programme regularly, as it is dull and boring for them. Therefore the more practical approach is to engage the child in a structured, tailor made, fun filled and interactive activity based programme which will focus on dealing with their specific problems. This will not only improve their physical fitness but will also enhance their performance in the sport or activity of their choice and help them to excel. Moreover it will help in reducing the risk of serious injuries in future.

The first step towards this intervention is a detailed and exclusive assessment. The assessment should 
  • Assessment of Muscle tone.
  • Assessment of Muscular imbalance.
  • Assessment of Posture.
  •  Assessment of Balance & Co-ordination.
  •  Gait Analysis.
  •  Foot screening (foot alignment).

The data thus obtained will help in determining the target areas and aid in the treatment approach. As mentioned earlier the treatment will be tailor made and focus on improving the problems identified and also improve endurance and agility.

                         This is the time to understand that our modern lifestyle is taking a huge toll on physical health of our young generation. Structured activity based programme can prevent lots of future musculoskeletal complications. It is imperative that we provide our kids with a strong foundation so that they can successfully reach new heights without the fear of falling….
Play Of Joy
                                                            -Dr. Sarika Jambhulkar & Dr. Vilas Jambhulkar


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